Syntax Conference 2017 Speaker - Allen Moore

Allen Moore – Speaker Spotlight

Allen Moore is a Front End UI Developer who specializes in creating functional and friendly interfaces utilizing modern design elements and techniques which include JavaScript and WordPress. Allen has been in the business for almost two decades, and loves that he is regularly challenged by collaborations with team mates, and amazing clients to stretch the […]

Syntax Conference 2017 Speaker - Tara Walker

Tara Walker – Speaker Spotlight

Tara Walker is a self-professed ‘Geek Girl’. She is passionate about software engineering, exploring technical strategies, and embracing challenges to make a difference in people’s lives through technology.  She is well versed in all things cloud; mobile, IoT, serverless, AI, and gaming development.  Consequently, her grasp of the myriad underlying development languages, allows for meaningful […]

Syntax Code & Craft Conference 2017 Speaker - Nathan Hall

Nathan Hall – Speaker Spotlight

There’s more to Nathan Hall than can be ascertained at a glance. To be sure, he’s an educated and accomplished full stack software engineer, but, as the saying goes ‘still waters run deep’. Nathan attended the University of Virginia where he earned a BA in Commerce/Finance, and his Master’s degree in Accounting.  In pursuit of an […]

Syntax Conference 2017 Speaker - Pavel Veller

Pavel Veller – Speaker Spotlight

Pavel Veller is an accomplished web developer and technologist who brings to the table almost two decades of hands on experience using various programming languages, frameworks, and tools to solve business challenges across different industries.  Pavel was hired by EPAM Systems in 2003, and over the ensuing years has functioned as the Software Engineering Team […]

Syntax Code & Craft Conference 2017 Speaker - David Coursey

David Coursey – Speaker Spotlight

David Coursey is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and currently employed as a Senior Application Security Consultant for nVisium. Following high school, David joined the army and served as a Cavalry Scout. After his time in the army, he taught himself web development by reading HTML books on his lunch break at Home Depot, then […]

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