Speaker Profile

Emily Freeman is a Turing alumna and software engineer at Wazee Digital. Originally from Washington DC, she headed south when it was time to go to school, deciding to get a little sunshine in Orlando at the University of Central Florida.

She argued her way through 4 years of political science classes and loved every minute of it. She is somewhat famous for her pun-filled (not-very-funny) cheesy political jokes.

Before becoming a developer, she worked in public relations, fundraising and, most recently, ghost-wrote blogs for tech startups and entrepreneurs. She is a graduate of the Turing School of Software Development and Design in Denver.

In her free time, she’s a competitive power-lifter and can deadlift over 265 pounds!

Session Information

Humpty Dumpty: A Story of DevOps Gone Wrong May 18, 2017 at 2:30 pm
JRS Coding School
Red Ventures